8 Insane (but True) Facts about Corporate Events

Corporate events are a large contributor to the overall economy. Corporate event planning includes; Transportation, accommodations, venues, attractions, speakers and often corporate entertainment and team building events.

For an event planner, often what will win over delegates is how unique their meeting or event will be. This is one of the main challenges that an event planner faces. It’s important to cover the basics of what the event is intended to accomplish as well as to offer incentives, such as unique venues and attractions, that an event marketer can use to promote the event.

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8 Facts about Corporate Events That Will Surprise You

  1. About 1.83 million meetings and events occur in the U.S. each year. That translates into $263 billion in direct spending. 1
  2. Top five meetings destinations in North America; Chicago, Orlando, Las Vegas, Atlanta, San Diego 2
  3. The  meetings and events industry is projected to grow 33 percent to 2022. This is much faster than the average growth rate of all occupations (11 percent). 1
  4. There are 628 colleges in the U.S. with hospitality or tourism related degree programs. 1
  5. While California is the state with the most corporate events, Virginia is the state with the highest salaries for event planners. 2
  6. The meetings and events industry contributes more to the US GDP than the auto industry does. 3
  7. Political organizations are one of the top industries for corporate event planning (industries that hire, or employ, meeting and event planners). 4
  8. LinkedIn is the best social media platform for promoting corporate events. There are more than 42,000 events listed on LinkedIn. 4

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Planning corporate events involves interacting with many industries. It’s no wonder that an event planner needs to wear many hats.

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