7 Signs that You Were Made for Event Planning

I’m sure that every industry has its frustration points. In the event planning industry mine is when people tell me how glamorous it must be. Really? Now don’t get me wrong, I love the industry. But I can tell you I didn’t get into it because I thought it was glamorous. And here’s a tip for those of you who are considering an event planning career because you think you’ll be socializing and having a great time attending events, let me save you the time – don’t bother.

To some it may sound like I’m crapping all over the industry, actually it’s quite the opposite. Yes there are event planning jobs that do take you to exotic locations. But again, you’re not there to go sightseeing. You’re there to work, and work damn hard. Many event planning companies look for individuals who can multitask and work well under pressure. Those individuals can be hard to find.

You Soon Find out If Event Planning Is in Your Blood

Seeing the end results of event planning, the events in action, is just the tip of the iceberg. What people don’t see is all of the planning that’s involved before the event sees the light of day. And let me tell you, that planning is hard work. But if it’s in your blood it’s exciting work. Especially seeing the end results of all of your planning.

7 Signs That Will Tell You If You’re Cut out for Event Planning

  1. without even looking you know how many lights are burnt out in a venue or restaurant 
  2. you have an uncontrollable urge to check the cleanliness of the washrooms
  3. if you happen to make eye contact with other guests you ask them how things are going
  4. you cringe when you hear a server telling guests “sorry we can’t do that, it’s not on the menu”
  5. you greet people as you enter or exit a restaurant
  6. you can’t stand it when the knife is facing the wrong way on a table
  7. it drives you nuts when the server rests the wine bottle on the glass when pouring 

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I now realize that because I’ve been in the event planning industry for so long that I can never be a customer again. Oh sure I love going to different events and trying new restaurants. But I’m always looking around and checking things out the same way that I would if I was planning an event. Oh well it’s in my blood as they say.

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