65th Birthday Party Ideas – Meaningful Celebrations!

There are lots of reasons for planning a great celebration. If you or someone you love was born in 1947 then you have a huge reason to start planning. Number 65, is a special birthday, a milestone no matter how you look at it. And each and every milestone deserves being celebrated! For some, sixty five is the mark that retirement is just around the corner. But for others, sixty five marks the beginning of some great things and times to come.

For lots of celebrators marking the 65th is the first time in a long while since they’ve actually considered having a  birthday party. Throwing a 65th birthday party is a great way to show someone how memorable, fun and unique they really are. And a wonderful way to give them the best 65th birthday gift ever, a celebration of their sixty five unbelievable years.

65th Birthday Party Ideas – For Your Special Someone!

Planning an extraordinary 65th birthday party for that someone special may take some extra leg work and elbow grease, but it doesn’t have to be totally overpowering or stress you out. As we all know, a party is a party so we understand the merry-making nuts and bolts that will be required. You know there is no party without the date, location, food and drinks. But when it comes right down to it, put on that thinking cap and get those creative juices flowing to come up with just the just right birthday party theme.

There are tons of fun 65th birthday party ideas and themes available to choose from. To create a more enjoyable and memorable celebration, it is important to ensure that the party theme is something the extra special  guest of honor will absolutely love. So take this perfect opportunity for a walk down memory lane and reawaken all those wonderful moments. Then mull it over and choose a perfect, personal theme for that oh so special 65th shindig.

65th Birthday Party Ideas – Some Great Themes to Get You Planning…

Scrapbook Party – This party is picture perfect in a couple of ways. It’s a great way to choose a 65th birthday party theme while providing a beautiful memento for the guest of honor, all at the same time. Assemble various pictures of the birthday honoree from over the years and fill up a scrapbook. Be sure to leave some extra space so party guests can add their two cents. During the party you can pass it around and allow the invited guests to put pen to paper and jolt down some special wishes and acknowledgements.

Easy on the Ears Party – Take some time to uncover the type of music the honoree loves, as well as any musical artists they follow and just love, love, love. And if this party is encompassing live music, you can simply have the band play some of the guest of honor’s most preferred and loved tunes from days gone by. If live music isn’t in the budget (like for most of us) then just download those same music favorites and play them throughout the evening.

Retro Party –This is a great opportunity to celebrate not only the person but the decade that the guest of honor was born. Uncover the top movies, TV programs, songs, events and pop culture. Add to that the cost of gas, bread, milk back in the day and already you have the start of a laugh a minute, fun filled 65th birthday party.

For some, birthdays at any age can be hard. But by planning a wonderfully special time makes the birthday celebrating that much easier.  There are so, so many 65th birthday party ideas…really too many to list here. But fear not! There is lots of help available to get you planning. So be inspired and resourceful and don’t forget to ask those around you for help. Before you know it, you will be planning the best 65th birthday party for your very special loved one. A day everyone involved won’t soon forget!

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