I truly believe that every birthday should be celebrated to the fullest extent. Of course, to what extent should be completely up to the birthday boy (or girl). Not everyone wants a giant blow out or an over the top party. But whether you’re celebrating your 3rd birthday or you 83rd birthday, every one of them should be special.

But as special as every birthday is, there are certain milestones that should be especially feted…and sixty is certainly one of them! And milestone birthdays call for something extra special for that extra special person. And most 60 year olds will tell you, aside from a bad knee or stronger glasses, they don`t really feel like what they thought the big 6-0 would feel like.

60th Birthday Party Ideas – What Really Is “Age Appropriate”?

Every party should be unique and geared to the celebrator. But with 60 being the new 50, how do you approach planning that special day? Parties have changed with the times and there are no hard and fast rules to be followed, aside from making sure the guest of honor has a great time.

Not that long ago a 60th birthday party might have been thought of as quiet or staid, but that is definitely no longer the case. When it comes to 60th birthday party ideas, almost anything goes!

60th Birthday Party Ideas – To Theme a Little Theme of You!

Though a birthday theme isn’t necessarily required, it can add that extra spark to any party. Selecting a theme depends on the person you`re celebrating, and what is special to them. Once you determine what would mean the most to them, you’ve got your theme.

Wine Tasting Party – At some point, receiving gifts can seem a little unnecessary. Yet guests often don’t like to arrive empty handed. Especially for a milestone birthday. If the honoree is an oenophile (a lover of wine) this is a great option for everyone involved. Your guests can bring a bottle of wine as a gift and the birthday celebrator is surrounded by the people (and wines) they love.

Scrapbook/Photo Album Party – A scrapbook or photo album can truly tell a tale. Invite your guests to bring photos, written stories and other (crowd appropriate) memories they can share. You can either have them post the mementos in the book to be shared later, or offer guests the opportunity to get up and share the memory with everyone. Not only is it a fabulous walk down memory lane with those who love you, but it offers a great parting gift for the birthday guest of honor.

Sports Night Out  Party– If the guest of honor is a big fan of a specific sports team (and the extra expenses are not an issue) this can be an exciting way to celebrate. Most professional sports team have luxury or corporate boxes available for one time rentals. Not only is it a fun and fantastic way to mark a birthday, it even has a built in theme complete with decor!

60th Birthday Party Ideas – Ready, Set, Get Planning

Now the fun part, the planning can begin in earnest! As we always suggest, set your budget and stick to it. No matter how big a celebration, it’s not really worth going into hock over. Having decided your theme you can easily center your invitations, venue, food, decor and more around it.

Every birthday is special but you want to ensure that the milestones are memorable. Think about what has meaning for the guest of honor and start planning a 60th birthday to remember!

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