6 Unique Gift Ideas for Travelers

With a week to go before Christmas, many people are scrambling to get those last minute gifts. Okay, maybe that’s my stress level showing as I still need to get my Christmas shopping done. Personalized gifts are the ones that are most appreciated. And that doesn’t mean that you have to spend a fortune. Rather, it means that you are really thinking about the person that will receive the gift. Our family and friends always try to find those perfect little gifts that have to do with our personalities and hence our work lives.

I’m happy to report that there are some nifty little gifts for travelers.

When you think of gift ideas for travelers, quite often you try to imagine what would help the travel component of their journey easier. So here at Plan an Event, we reached out to a few seasoned travelers and asked them what they would like to receive. Below we present the top six travelers gifts.

Gift Ideas for Travelers on Your List

1. A Battery Backup for Smart Phones

2. A World Time Clock (for Those That Travel so Much They Don’t Even Know What City They’re in)

3. Universal Travel Adapter (I Don’t Know about You but I Seem to Have To Buy One Every Time I Travel to Europe)

4. An Inflatable Wine Bag (Now Why Didn’t I Think of That)

5. A Portable Docking Station

6. Luggage Tracker by Trakdot (it’s so Techie That the FAA Needed to Approve It-Which They Did)

These unique gift ideas for travelers will help those of you with last-minute gift ideas. And if you’re a traveler then don’t be surprised if you find one of these travelers gifts under your tree this year. Personally, I hope I’m getting all of them (hint, hint to you know who you are).

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