50th Birthday Party Ideas for Women – Marking the Milestone

Age is a funny thing. In our twenties we thought that age was just a state of mind. You’re only as old as you feel and you’re sure you will never, EVER, lie about your age. When we hit our thirties we start to have a better appreciation for the different decades and what they represent. Our forties sneak up on us but are a time of self assurance and comfort that wasn’t necessarily expected. A willingness to accept ourselves as we are. And then we begin to approach our fifties. For many it’s a “yikes!” moment while for others it’s simply an affirmation of a life continuing to be well lived.

Whichever camp you fall into (not my fifties! yay, my fifties!) it is definitely a time to celebrate. As with any milestone birthday, you want to ensure that it is something a little more special than the norm. And with so many great 50th birthday party ideas with a 50th birthday it truly is a case of go big or go home.

50th Birthday Party Ideas for Women – So Many Ideas, So Little Time

A 50th birthday party and  celebration should definitely be a special one. That doesn’t mean it has to be an over the top, expensive blow out (not that there’s anything wrong with that). But it should be a meaningful celebration marking the very special occasion.

With so many wonderfully unique 50th birthday party ideas, so the question remains, how should you plan to celebrate that very special occasion?

The first rule of any party, whether it be a 50th birthday celebration or not, is to consider what the guest of honor wants. Make sure any plans (whether a surprise 50th birthday party or not) are tailored to her specific likes and dislikes. There really are so many ideas for  50th birthday parties, so if you are considering a black tie event, a ladies only lunch, or a rockin’ backyard BBQ, by keeping her in mind everything else will just fall into place. Once the 50th birthday party theme, turning 50,  is confirmed let the planning begins.

50th Birthday Party Ideas for Women – Party Like the Stars

We all watched Oprah turn 50 and what we didn’t see on her show, we saw in magazines and newspapers in the weeks that followed. And like everything Oprah, her 50th birthday was larger than life. Although Oprah knew her staff and friends were planning a 50th birthday party special show for her that day, she had no idea what was happening. It was a show filled with friends, celebrities and surprises. And it was a show that she, and the rest of us, would never forget!

After the show finished taping, Oprah’s birthday celebration continued for the entire weekend (birthday weekend!) with she, her friends and family celebrating the occasion with several 50th birthday parties that included a luncheon for her 50 favorite women, a black tie affair, a brunch and a Superbowl party.

It’s safe to say that by the end of the weekend Oprah’s 50th birthday was extremely well celebrated!

50th Birthday Party Ideas for Women – Making the Occasion Memorable

Okay, most of us can’t party like Oprah can. But there are some very good  ideas for a 50th birthday party to be taken (and modified) to suit anyone’s fiftieth birthday party.

There were numerous surprise guests. When planning a party for the special woman in your life, be sure to invite some guests that she isn’t expecting. Perhaps some old friends from the past or family members that live out of town. It’s a wonderful chance to surprise her and to be able to share her special 50th birthday celebration with family and friends.

Old photos are a great way to look back and even include your guests. Not only are they a conversation piece and will add to your decor, but you can also invite the guests to share some of their old photos of the guest of honor. It’s an amazing way to celebrate the birthday girl while taking a walk down memory lane.

There truly are so many great websites and retail locations that will assist you when looking for ideas for a 50th birthday party. So when you start planning a 50th birthday birthday party and  searching for those extra special 50th birthday party ideas and supplies there is a great deal available including help with invitations, decorations, favors and how about some tips on 50th birthday party games, so let the fun begin!

There are tons of great 50th birthday party ideas out there to help you plan the perfect 50th birthday party for that special lady in your life. With a little research and some hard work, you’ll be planning the party to end all parties in no time!

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