5 Tips For Good Communication (As An Event Planner)

Good communication is essential to any career success. And the manner in which we converse has great influence on relationships and in the end helps to accomplish all we want. There isn’t a career around, especially planning events, that doesn’t command good communication skills. How we communicate helps to side-step problems and resolve issues. And strong communication skills are vital to better relationships whether in the work place or at home.

At the core of a winning leader is good communication; it’s one of the more valuable skills we can all have. It may sound basic but communicating in a successful and effective way takes effort as well as a bit of flair. It’s that old scenario, we think we say one thing but in fact what is heard is something entirely different. When looking to convey a message and be an effective communicator takes not only speaking but listening too.

Good Communication and What the Numbers Say

Looking to be heard and understood, create respect and be recognize or just be able to successfully communicate? Statistically it has been said that about 75% of business success comes from effective communication. Surprising or not; it makes no difference the industry or what other skills we bring to the table first and foremost good communication is vital to being successful.

Finding the right approach and words to communicate in the most effective way and be understood can easily lead to misinterpretation. It can be a challenge when you think your effectively communicating but don’t get the desired outcome.

5 Tips to Good Communication

Good communication can be complex and sometimes a tad unsuccessful. And while there are many benefits to communicating effectively. Communication works both ways and when looking to enhance and better our skills; it’s imperative to consider how messages are not only being conveyed but heard too.

1. Be straightforward, brief and direct
2. Pay attention and listen, listen, listen
3. Focus on the delivery
4. Make it about them
5. Ask fluid questions

And let’s remember one of the more important communication tips. That age old saying “if you can’t say something nice, than keep your trap shut.”

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