5 Ways an Event Planning Template Can Work for You

Planning an event requires precise timing and coordination. There are many elements that a planner needs to coordinate. It’s only when the multitude of elements are planned and executed properly that the event goes off without a hitch. The guests see the perfectly executed event unfolding as planned. What they don’t see is all of the behind the scenes planning that was involved. And that’s where an event planning template helps.

Have you ever been in a restaurant where the server takes everyone’s order without writing it on a piece of paper? And quite often the server has missed a special instruction here or there. And I can’t help thinking that this wouldn’t have happened if he or she had written things down.

Benefits of Using an Event Planning Template

Being organized is crucial in the event planning world. An event checklist helps a planner multitask and keep on schedule.

Here are five ways that an event planning template assists:

  1. Delegating, assigning tasks and tracking. Often an event planner needs to delegate tasks to their team. The checklist helps everyone understand what their responsibilities are and when they are expected to be completed.
  2. Establishing budgets. It makes it easier to determine the costs associated with each element of the event once the various components are broken out . It would be virtually impossible to look at an event as a whole to determine what its overall cost would be. The checklist helps break down the multiple item lines that are required for establishing a budget.
  3. Prioritizes the tasks chronologically. Not all of the tasks are able to be completed at the same time. Nor would you want them all to be completed at the same time. An event checklist template determines what needs to get done and by when. It also helps eliminate the stress of meeting deadlines.
  4. Tracking supplier information, requests and proposals. There are a multitude of people and suppliers involved with executing an event. Often times a planner is managing several proposals from various suppliers. And they all need to be approved, coordinated and assigned their respective duties.
  5. Contracts. Missing a contractual deadline can have a dramatic effect on the event. Imagine not signing the venue contract, or making a deposit, and finding out that your date has been released.

Event Planning Template/Event Checklist Resources

a screenshot of PlanAnEvent.org's event planning checklist

Part of the function of MasterTheEvent.com is to provide tools and resources. Here are some handy links:

Download or print these event checklist templates:

An event planning template takes the multitude of tasks and responsibilities involved with planning an event and brings them all into focus. Just imagine trying to plan an event without a checklist. That would be like the server in a restaurant, that didn’t write any orders down on paper, bringing all of the wrong food to the table. Being organized is crucial to a successful event.

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