5 Social Media Channels To Promote Your Event

How To Promote Your Event Using Social Media

How to promote your event and social media are definitely the name of the game these days.

Many events happen online: webinars and Tweetups are two such examples of gatherings that take place in the Net. Since their attendees are most likely all netizens and social media lurkers, with a few taps on the keyboard and a handful of clicks of the mouse, it is so easy to create a buzz for them online so that target invitees get to hear about them. You can also promote your event using social media even if it is to be held outside the world wide web. Consider the following options and implement one, a few, or all of these, depending on the enormity of your gathering.

Ways to Promote Your Event Using Social Media

1. Blog about your event. One way to promote your event offline is to constantly talk about it for some time before it actually takes place. You can also talk about it online through many social media sites, one of which is your blog. This is to stir interest about your event. Do not just stop at rousing their attention; provide an opt-in to registration for the event. You can also use the information about those who register for your next events or products and services to promote.

Also blog about the highlights of the event during and after the event for the benefit of those who were not able to come. This way, you can sustain the buzz for as long as you can, especially if you are selling something after the event, and so that the next time you hold an event, those who failed to come to your previous event may be reminded to come the next time.

2. Let a little bird announce the event. Send bite-sized details about your event that create stir in the Twitter world or among your target audience through a number of tweets. Like the other social media channels, you can do this before, during and after the event. Ask the attendees to use a particular hash tag for you to conveniently monitor mentions of your event in Twitter.

2. Post Videos on YouTube, Animoto and other video-sharing websites. If you can come up with a teaser about your upcoming event in a video format, also do so. The more interesting it gets, the more chances it gets viral. You can use humor, how to’s, and other information related to your event and is of value to your potential audience. Then provide links to other social media sites like Twitter and Facebook.

3. Post it on Facebook. With so many Facebook netizens, your event should be seen on this social media site. Provide a link of your blog, videos, twit and other online content to your Facebook Page and Facebook personal account (if you prefer). You can also create a banner promoting your event to be used as your Facebook Page profile picture. After (or during) the event, you can also upload the event photos and tag them on Facebook.

4. Upload photos on Flickr, Photobucket, Picassa Web, and even in Twitpic and other image hosting sites. This is more of a during and post-event buzz. Your attendees would be interested to see themselves in the pictures that you post, so tag them if you can. This will continue to bang the drum for your event, and will help you create a stir for your nest event. To encourage interaction, you can also ask your guests to upload the photos they took during the event into your Flickr stream. Posting your event photos to Twitpic is a convenient and fast way to allow your Twitter followers to get a glimpse of your event through photos and your tweet in real time.

5. Webcast your event. Let those who cannot physically attend view your event online via livestreaming through Ustream.tv, Justin.tv and other web videos. You can also count them in as your event attendees.

You can promote your event online using social media sites even if it is to take place offline. Devising a strategy on how to carry out this online promotion is the best bet to maximize the benefits of these social sites in orchestrating a ballyhoo for your affair.

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