When you think of a convention center, most people tend to think that they are more suited to larger groups. There’s no doubt that convention centers are built to handle volume. You may be surprised to know that, in addition to the large conferences, a convention center can also handle the needs of smaller meetings.

On top of their ability to handle volume, convention centers are designed to be a “one stop shopping” experience for meeting and event planners.

These 5 Reasons May Have You Considering a Convention Center for Your Next Meeting or Event

1) Technology. More and more meetings and events are becoming high-tech. A meeting’s technology requirements usually require a third-party supplier. A convention center comes equipped with an in-house AV company. The bonus here is that the in-house AV supplier knows the venue and what can and cannot work.

2) Knowledgeable staff. Too many times I have worked with stand-alone venues where the salesperson was excellent. But after the sale, I found that the operations staff didn’t really understand my requirements. The beauty of the convention center is that the entire team, from the sales department to the conference services department, are familiar with the mechanics of meetings. After all, that’s pretty much their sole purpose.

3) Green. We all like to think that we are doing our part to help our planet. Convention centers have become very sustainable over the last decade. They have green solutions that are easy to implement without breaking the meeting’s budget. In addition, many new convention centers are built to LEED’s certification standards.

4) Ancillary services. Ranging from food and beverage options to business centers, a convention center has everything that a meeting or event planner requires at their fingertips. Under one roof.three signs on a post each saying location, location, location

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5) Location, location, location. Most meeting attendees are also interested in what the host city has to offer. So it may come as no surprise then that convention centers are strategically located near the downtown core of most metropolitan cities. There are a wide range of convention center hotels nearby. Often you’ll find a variety of restaurants within walking distance as well. And public transportation is also easily accessible.

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Many smaller meetings have been intimidated by convention centers in the past. A convention center, in addition to handling the large conferences, can service smaller meetings. Many have become clever at appealing to the smaller meetings and events. The overall design of many convention centers allow for smaller groups to be accommodated without feeling like they are being lost in a sea of meeting rooms.

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