4 Brilliant Engagement Party Planning Ideas

Engagement Party Planning – The Bedrock of Breaking Your Great News!

So you have said “Yes!” to your man’s proposal of taking your relationship to the next level – a lifetime of commitment and love – and you want to break the great news to your family and friends. What better way to announce and celebrate this than an engagement party. It is also a marvelous time for introductions among would-be in-laws. Here are some engagement party planning ideas that are as brilliant as that exquisite diamond ring on your finger. So do not fear, there is help when searching for engagement party planning ideas that  are exciting and easy.

We all wonder how to plan an engagement party that will be remembered for a lifetime. So as you begin  that special task of planning an engagement party there are a couple of factors to consider; first an foremost come up with a budget (and stick to it)  and then put together an engagement party planning checklist. Checklists are a wonderful help when planning anything but especially when  working on and planning an engagement  party. The engagement party planning checklist should reflect every single item that will be required to planning an engagement party extraordinaire.

Brilliant Engagement Party Planning Ideas

These days, the traditional rules have been bent and made more lenient s0 that you can pretty much do anything with your engagement party planning and engagement party. Rules, like the bride’s parents must host the party at home, do not always apply anymore. The groom can host the party during which he can make the proposal in front of the guests. He better make sure of the woman’s answer, though. So if you are going through engagement party planning, do not limit your ideas within the bounds of tradition. Sometimes the more nontraditional becomes the more memorable.

1. Party Theme. One way to make your engagement party a memorable occasion is by making it extra-special and unique. Adopting a unique theme can add a twist to the once rules-laden traditional affair. If possible, choose one which has relevance to your relationship. For instance, if you are marrying a baseball coach or player, then you can pick a sporty theme; or if you first met at a beach, then maybe you can take on a beach theme. But do not forget the central theme of all engagement parties – amour.

2. Venue. Once you pick your theme, you can easily decide on your venue. To carry on with our previous examples, the first bride can pick a baseball stadium or a sports bar, while the second can obviously hold it at the beach they first met. There can be many more locations to hold your big day: in an amusement park, historic garden, an old movie theater, and many others. However, there is nothing wrong with holding the party in any of the customary and reliable engagement and wedding locations such as reception halls, country clubs, or even at your parents’ home.

3. Menu. The menu to pick also adopts according to the theme. A beach theme may dictate some seafood and tropical fruits, maybe Hawaiian food or other beach food. Some hot dogs, pretzels, popcorn, nachos, some beer and other similar foods may not seem so sophisticated as “lamb crown roast stuffed with ground veal and prosciutto and plated with a crimini mushroom and red wine demi-glace” (whew!), but they can add to the fun of the baseball-themed engagement party, not to mention that preparing them can be faster than enunciating the name of the Italian lamb dish.

4. Party Games and Gimmicks. Games can add life to the party. It is also a great way to break the ice especially if the two families would meet and be introduced for the first time. To do this, you may want to consider slipping in some conversation starter cards on the table. These are cards that contain interesting and funny lines that your guests can use to start a conversation with other guests. You can find them online which you can conveniently print or from party supplies shops, or if you have the time and the knack, you can make them yourselves. Again, the theme may influence the type of games you can play, but do not limit yourself.

With the rules of tradition now more pliant, planning an engagement party is made easier, and the engagement party more fun. Just be open to many more brilliant engagement party planning ideas.

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