Well number three or as my niece calls it “the third” birthday is almost here… just around the corner. And while I’m sure it’s hard to believe how fast the time has flown, what this really means is you have a party to plan. Of course, this will be the best birthday party ever. And while we do mean it, don’t we say this each and every time we set out to plan a celebration. While important and wonderful, the first couple of birthdays are more about a family get together as opposed to a full out birthday celebration.

Now with the 3rd birthday party almost here, as many parents would say, with number three it’s a whole new ball game. And as your child inches closer to their 3rd birthday, they are coming into their own and becoming a real person with thoughts, ideas and friends as well as an understanding of what a birthday and birthday party is.

3rd Birthday Party Ideas – Birthdays ARE Special!

As blogged here many a time, birthdays are an important occasion in a person’s life. And it makes no difference of the age, whether the celebrator is turning three, thirteen or twenty three, the birthday experience should be special and represent exactly what the birthday boy or girl wants. It really isn’t that difficult to come up with some wonderfully exciting and fun filled 3rd birthday party ideas to get your party planning going. And fortunately for us all, these days there is so much help, free and at a cost, to create the most outstanding and unforgettable party ever!

3rd Birthday Party Ideas – Tips to Get Started!

Organizing and holding a birthday party for your three year old can be very stressful, but it can also be a whole ton of fun. There are lots of basic and necessary tips to bear in mind to ensure a great time is had by all, especially the parents throwing the party. Here are some tips to get you started.

Choose a Theme – By choosing a theme you make sure to keep the party goers busy.  At this age, kids can definitely lose interest and become bored. And I mean fast. By having and following a party theme with complimenting activities, you will be sure to keep them busy and entertained for the entire occasion.

Control The Guest List – The guest list should be determined by the party space and budget. By inviting too many guests, the party can easily get out of hand and become uncontrollable. So remember this is the third  birthday and it truly is not necessary to invite everyone you know.

Less is More – The main question to ask yourself when planning the birthday bash is; “How long is too long?” And “How long is just right?” So when planning for three year olds, how much time should you allocate for the party. Don’t forget three year olds still take naps. The consensus seems to be the party should last no longer than two hours. Word on the street is anything longer than that will be hard on the kids and equally hard on the parents.

Supervision – Don’t try to do it alone. Have lots of additional assistance and supervision. Remember the more adults at a kid’s party, the better.

Decor – When it comes to decor and decorations, at this age, it is important to follow the KISS rule (keep it simple silly). When it comes to three year olds, this is the perfect area to not go crazy and save yourself some money; all at the same time. Go with balloons, streamers, party hats and the like. By keeping the decor basic you will end up with a decorated space, save money, time and energy.

Games and Activities – First and foremost, games are a fun and an excellent energy burning situation and that’s a plus. Three year olds favor and love group games and there are lots of options to choose from. Plan some easy and straightforward games to keep the rascals active and busy. Don’t forget that three years old don’t always understand winning and losing so be prepared with some inexpensive and fun prizes on hand.

Food Glorious Food – Have a bit of a conversation with the birthday boy or girl and find out what they want to eat at their party. It is a fact, three year olds consume very little at birthday parties. Have that conversation and provide a food menu that pleases the celebrator and the invited guests as well as the parents. Bite size and smaller portions work, sandwiches, pizza, fresh veggies and fruit, cookies and don’t forget about beverages including juice boxes, water and milk. With a little attention and a bit of pre-planning you are well on your way to food glorious food!

When planning a 3rd birthday party remember to always, always, always keep it simple. Doing so will allow you to throw a stress free, fun filled, economical birthday bash. Really, a 3rd birthday party is meant to be all about the child. So go with the flow and a great time will be had by all.

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