30th Birthday Party Ideas

A couple of weeks ago I was having dinner with a colleague at a downtown restaurant and we couldn’t help but notice that the table beside us was celebrating a 30th birthday. It was obvious that the people at the table had been friends for some time. The one part of the conversation that struck me funny was from the birthday girl herself. It was obvious that this milestone was having an impact on her and she couldn’t resist telling everyone how she could not believe how old she is. Age is certainly a relative thing isn’t it? I and my colleague that evening are both, how shall I say this, well were not 30 anymore. I remember looking at my colleague in almost disbelief by the fact that this woman thinks that 30 is over the hill. I wouldn’t dare ask her what she thought my age represented.

A 30th birthday is one of those milestone birthdays. Usually it’s the decade birthdays (20th, 30th, 40th, etc.) that we mark the occasion as reaching milestones in our lives. So it’s natural as we reach certain milestones that we start to realize that we are mere mortals and we are getting older by the day.

If someone you know is celebrating a 30th birthday then, no doubt, you’re probably trying to determine which 30th birthday party ideas will fit the birthday boy or girl. Basically the best rule of thumb, when considering what to do to celebrate someone’s birthday, is to factor in the personality of the person. After all the event is about them and should be planned around their likes and what they consider to be fun.

The following video will give you a few 30th birthday party ideas to consider.


Often when we think of 30th birthday party ideas the theme has to do with getting older. A 30th birthday is a milestone in that person’s life. And as there’s nothing we can do to stop the aging process we might as well have a little bit of fun teasing the birthday boy or girl. But most importantly the birthday should be centered around the personality of the person you’re throwing a party for.

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