3 Ways Great Event Apps Can Increase Your Productivity

I am a great planner. Now I’m not blowing my own horn here. Rather, I’m pointing out a character flaw of mine. I tend to get bogged down with the planning side of the business. And by planning, I mean planning my to do list. Sometimes I plan so much that I overlook the fact that I’m missing deadlines. I can’t tell you how many times that I might be scanning my social media accounts and stumble across an article on apps that can increase my productivity. And there I go. The next thing I know I’ve lost my morning to researching these apps.

There are great productivity tools out there. Here on this blog we feature some productivity tools and resources with the goal of helping cut down on the amount of time spent planning events.

Which app is best for you? Well it really all depends on your expectations and needs. Or, more specifically, what exactly do you need accomplish. In the app world the reason that these tools exist is to provide assistance. We live in a world where technology is growing at such a rate that it is virtually impossible to keep up with what’s new.

3 Ways Great Event Apps Can Help You

Before you know which app you want to use, you need to take a moment and outline what exactly you want the app to do for you. For the purpose of this exercise I’ve broken the app needs into three main areas; communication, organization, and production.


  • Real-time updates
  • attendee interaction/engagement
  • social media management
  • marketing and promotion


  • session information
  • scheduling
  • automatic reminders
  • analytics


  • budgeting
  • contracts
  • productivity
  • maximizing attendance
  • sponsorship opportunities
  • ROI

To Find Great Event Apps That You Can Utilize Check Out These App Stores:

There are great event apps to help with your planning needs. Which one is right for you depends on what type of assistance you require. Whether it be communication, organization or production assistance, there’s an app for that.

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