3 Types of Airport Travelers You’ll Meet

In the meetings and events industry, travel is just a part of the job description. Throughout my years in the industry I’ve noticed that there are many types of airport travelers. Unfortunately, for me anyways, many of these airport travelers can be a nuisance.

While I could list dozens of types of airport travelers, for this post I’m going to keep it to three. I’m sure that many of you reading this will relate to the various traveler types. If you happen to be a person that falls into one of these categories I hope that this post makes you stop and think about how the people around you perceive you. One can hope, anyways.

The “I’m An Important Business Person Don’t You Know” Type

Usually I run into this type of traveler when I’m in line to check my luggage, or clear security. You know them, they are the ones that may come up to you and say how they have to catch a flight and unless they cut in front of you they will miss it.

Well, I’m sorry, might I suggest that you plan your travel itinerary a little better the next time. If the other 99% of us could get up, get ready and get to the airport and lineup like everybody else to clear security, then you bloody well can as well. This holier than thou attitude makes a lot of people just roll their eyes, I’ve noticed. Oh wait a minute, that might’ve been me.

The “I Couldn’t Decide What to Pack so I Brought Everything” Type

Sometimes I think it’s just my luck. Here I was thinking I was being proactive when I printed my boarding pass. Then all I had to do was drop off the one piece of luggage that would not fit in the overhead compartment. But, lo and behold, when I get into that line to drop my luggage the travelers in front of me have 10 pieces of luggage. Then they seem so disorganized that you’re not even sure what the heck is in their luggage.

What comes next usually, at least, gets me laughing. They get up to the ticket agent and they are shocked, shocked I tell you, that they’re being charged for their extra seven pieces of luggage. How dare that airline! Sometimes it’s all I can do not to scream at the top of my lungs. That’s when I usually head to the nearest bar once I get through security. I’ll better then.

The “I Dare You to Smile at Me” Customs Agent

I don’t know what it is about a customs agent, but I always have this guilt feeling when I approach them. And I’ve done nothing wrong, nor am I bringing anything with me that I’m not allowed. Maybe they’re trained that way on purpose. But it’s very intimidating. When I approached a customs agent I usually try to make a pleasant gesture and maybe, hold onto your hats here, even smile. It’s that cold stare that I get in return that makes me feel guilty. And you think you would do better with time. But no. Every time I travel in and out of my country, the guilt is there. So I guess one way to look at it is that they’ve done their job. But hey, a smile wouldn’t hurt either.

Anyone that needs to attend a meeting or event most often will have to travel via an airport. Airport travelers come in all shapes, sizes and personalities. I swear airport travel is a test of your endurance. The next time you find yourself in an airport and have some time to kill, why not see how many types of airport travelers you can spot.

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