Corporate event entertainment is an important part of any event. It is essential to the success of the experience. And while it can be one of the more enjoyable parts of corporate events. Sourcing and booking the most suitable corporate event entertainment can be a challenge and just plain old nerve-wrecking. It’s all about finding the right corporate entertainers; getting the most out of them and making the event one people will remember for days to come.

From start to finish the task of organizing corporate event entertainment is not a trouble-free one. Before getting going it’s recommended that you establish a plan that includes vision, theme, event purpose and target audience. Success takes work especially when it comes to coordinating a winning event.

What is Corporate Event Entertainment?

Event entertainment can mean different things to different planners. Have you heard the one about the corporate event that was saved by the entertainment? The truth is all successful events include some sort of event entertainment. Whether it be live music, a disc jockey, an interactive game, a comedian or dancers. Or one of my all-time favorites the celebrity or celebrity look-a-like meet and greet. And like so many other service companies, there are hundreds and thousands of corporate event entertainers around. Some of them are great, some are good and some are not worthy of the price tag.

Consider these Tips Booking Corporate Event Entertainment

Here are some tips to finding and booking the right corporate event entertainment and ensuring the event is a great success story.

Find the BEST Kind of Entertainment. First and foremost find the best type of entertainment that is right for your event. Consider the plan, the setting and the needs of the event. And ensure the entertainment matches the target audience. Look at what’s available and the content; consider the message you want to deliver and the wants of the crowd. And then based on all that, go with what in the end is the best fit.

Never Book ANYTHING until You See Them Perform. This one comes from personal experience; and is one of the more important tips I can suggest. Corporate event entertainment 101 states never ever book a live act without seeing them perform in person. And if circumstances prevent you seeing them live then a demo video is a must. In the demo it’s recommended that you see a portion of the live act as well as highlights. Then you can decide if this is the right act for your event.

Get it ALL in Writing. Always get a contract for the services you are booking. The contract should include; date, time, location as well as the compensation structure that has been agreed on. In addition the contract should outline any services the entertainment is providing and any services you the client is providing. It is important to understand the entertainment and by having well defined information in writing will help to avoid any last minute issues and mistakes.

Finding the best corporate event entertainment is vital to the success of any event big or small. So don’t hesitate to do your research and always be sure to ask questions.

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