3 Tips On Creating A Facebook Page For Your Event Planning Company

As an event planner your target audience uses social media frequently. One of the best ways to utilize Facebook to promote an event is to create a Facebook page for your event planning company. But you can’t put a page together in five minutes and expect it to get a flood of likes or to pack the next event you’re promoting.

There is a certain finesse involved with building and promoting a Facebook page. You can’t just force your page on visitors. You need to give your target audience a reason to keep coming back for more and to offer such good content that they just have to share it with their friends and family members. Build a page of this caliber and you’ll be able to tap into the true power of Social Media.

Tip 1) Build a Reputable Page for Your Event Planning Company to Promote an Event

Your Facebook page won’t persuade anyone to go to your events if they don’t trust you. That’s why you need to completely fill in your about section with a few sentences about what your company brings to the table and why your visitors should care what you have to say. Use a professionally designed logo as your image and make sure it’s sized properly (at 180 by 180 pixels) so it isn’t distorted.

The cover image should be 851 by 315 pixels in size to fit at the top of your page naturally. Either locate a (royalty-free) cover image that compliments your business well, or pay a graphic designer to create one for you.

Tip 2) Engage Your Fans with Interesting Content

First and foremost you need to engage your fans. You could create an image, or infographic, giving tips on what attendees should bring to events. You also engage fans by asking them open ended questions about the content to start a discussion. People love discussions and a great Facebook page has plenty of them.

Tip 3) Don’t Be Overly Promotional

The fastest way to kill a Facebook page is by filling it with promotions that are only self serving. Most people don’t get on Facebook to find a new service or even to find an event to go to, they get on Facebook to connect with other like minded people and to be entertained.

picture of Billy BonesThis guest post is by Billy Bones of BBE Booking Agency, a music booking agency that works with event planners in talent booking and event production. For talent booking and additional event production tips, you can visit BBE Booking Agency’s blog.

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