3 Reasons to Use Movie Theaters for Meetings and Events

I can remember going to movie theaters a few years back and wondering why these venues were not being utilized more by the meetings and events industry. Well skip forward to today and that scenario has changed. More and more we’re seeing movie theaters being rented during the off times.

Obviously there are restrictions when it comes to the setup. The most obvious one is seeking. Plain and simple, a movie theater has stadium seating.

The Types of Meetings and Events That Would Use a Movie Theater Include:

  • customer appreciation events
  • streaming video events compass in multiple locations
  • training seminars
  • AGM’s
  • product launches

3 Reasons Why Movie Theaters Late Great Venues

1) State-Of-The-Art Audiovisual

  • big screens
  • surround sound

2) Venue Layout

  • location
  • stadium seating (comfortable chairs)
  • view (everyone in the room has a great new)
  • ideal for both large and small groups
  • use of the movie theater lobby or breakouts, coffee breaks, cocktail receptions

Tip –  Make the coffee break fun by incorporating the concession stand with your coffee break.

3) Costs

  • AV is always a considerable expense item for meeting planners. By utilizing a movie theater’s off times (i.e. during the day when most corporate meetings and events occur) the meeting has access to state-of-the-art audiovisual equipment at a much reduced price.

A movie theater is a great venue for hosting many presentation style meetings. The obvious down side is that a planner is restricted to stadium seating and, depending on the location, the times at which the venue can be rented. A bonus to hosting a meeting at a movie theater is that you can complement the meeting by offering a private viewing of current feature films (for an added cost, of course). A nice way to end the meeting.

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