3 Party Planning Ideas For Spring

It has been a rather long winter this year. If you’re like me then you’re looking forward to the weather getting warmer, the birds chirping and, well, just no more winter! One sure sign of spring is that there seems to be more social events added to our calendars. Perhaps the party planner in you is awakening after a long cold winter. Planning a party, whether it’s for friends or colleagues, usually involves a theme. And with Spring approaching, there are no shortages of themes to choose from.

Here Are 3 Party Planning Ideas That Won’t Break the Bank

1) March Madnessbasketball desert sticks for party planning ideas

Beginning March 18th, the NCAA March Madness will begin. You can have a lot of fun with this party theme without blowing your budget. The added bonus is that the games can be playing during the party – a sure way to get the couples to show up.

Decor/Party Favors: basketballs, hoops, cheerleaders. There’s plenty to choose from for this theme.

Food & Beverage: Easy. Hotdogs, pizza, beer! Enough said?

Guests: You can ask your guests to come dressed in their favorite team’s gear. Or maybe consider having a march madness pool and host your party as the madness get underway. You’ll even have another excuse to have a follow up party as the contest winds down.

For more information, including schedules and teams, visit the NCAA March Madness site.

2) St. Patrick’s Dayparty planning ideas - St. Patrick's Day - photo by holycitysinner()com

On March 17th everyone is green – Irish Green! What started as a religious feast day, St. Patricks Day is now thought of as parades, dancing and food. In other words, a party!

Decor/Party Favors: Anything green. Green hats and streamers will do the trick. Add some Irish music to your playlist and you are all set.

Food & Beverage: While you could go all out with some traditional Irish fare, all you need is some green food coloring. The one thing that you have to ensure is that the beer is green!

Guests: your guests have to come with an Irish attitude. And it wouldn’t hurt if they dressed in green either. You get the point here – GREEN!

3) April Fools Dayparty planning ideas - April Fools Day - photo by clubpenguinmemories()com

April 1st is a prank filled day which ends at noon. The theme is to perform light hearted pranks on unsuspecting people you know. All in good taste, of course. An April fools party doesn’t have to be on the first nor does it have to end at noon. Unless you’re my age.

Decor/Party Favors: Remember the theme is that things are not quite what they appear to be. If you keep that in mind with your party decorations, you can’t mess up. Here’s a link with some great ideas for April fools party decorations.

Food & Beverage: The food should be entertaining and surprising (keep in mind of any food allergies that your guests may have). Pinterest has several April Fools Boards to help plan your menu.

Guests: This is your opportunity to play to the theme. Keep the element of surprise going right up until the guests arrive at the party. The pranks can begin with the invitations. Send clues about the party (with each clue getting easier – after all you want people to be able to show up). And why not have your guests come expecting to be part of the party. Each guests must come with a prank in mind (reveal this to your guests near the date of party). The website, DiscoverFun, has some light hearted prank ideas that you can try out.

These Spring party planning ideas are a great way to get some friends together and celebrate the warmer season. And after this winter, who couldn’t use a fun party?

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