3 Fun New Years Eve Party Ideas for Kids

While many of you are still thinking about the Christmas holiday, New Years Eve is also right around the corner. When we think of New Years Eve, many of us think of adult themed parties. But, more and more, many people are starting to plan New Years Eve parties with their kids.

And this isn’t a new trend.

I remember, as a child, being very excited about New Years Eve. My parents had decided that rather than leave us with a babysitter on the big end of the year night, that they would make us apart of the big celebration. And we had a blast. Most of the activities centered around homemade games and, of course, lots of great snacks.

Many Venue Prices Seem to Increase on New Years Eve

I think another factor that has a lot of people reconsidering their New Years Eve options is that a lot of venues have a prearranged party at a preset price. Not that there’s anything wrong with this format. I’ve been in the hotel industry for many years where we used to organize several various parties throughout our outlets. And they were always very popular.

When you’re planning a party that involves young people it’s always a good idea to have activities planned out ahead of time. It’s not like an adult party were we’re very comfortable networking with each other. Generally at these types of parties the events and activities unfold as they happen. In other words adults do not have to have every moment of a party structured for them.

Three New Years Eve party ideas

I’m sure many parents have no trouble thinking of activities that their children would want to do. Not being a parent myself, I talked to a few colleagues that told me they’re planning on staying home with their family New Years Eve. Here’s a few of the take away ideas from those conversations for activities that you can implement for your own party:

America’s Got Talent. An easy activity to organize. Basically at the beginning of the party tell the participants that they need to think up and then rehearse a small act that they can perform later in the evening. Trust me, children will not have a problem with this. Whether it be magic acts, a song performance or some other type of acrobatic act, the children will have a blast performing and the adults will have just as much fun watching. You’ll have to assign some judges for the competitions (but you can also make sure that everybody wins a little something…).

Name That Tune. This one I even remember doing as a kid. This one is also an easy one to implement. Obviously the selection of songs need to be recognizable by the participants. But after that it’s simply a matter of lining up the songs, playing a couple of seconds of them, and watching the contestants try to name the song they’re listening to.

Charades. This one almost speaks for itself. There are even many boardgames that are centered around this activity. This activity is a great group activity (and whenever I played charades I appreciated being part of a group and not left on my own).

These posts also provide additional party ideas:

For all of the activities listed above, you will want to have prizes that you can give away. That’s a task that you can split amongst all of the adults that will be attending.

New Years Eve is becoming, more and more so, and evening for children just as much as for adults. Many of us are opting for house parties as opposed to going out for the big night. For those that are hosting New Years Eve party for kids, it’s important to remember to organize some activities ahead of time. Then make sure you communicate to all the participants what will be happening and, for the adult crowd, what they can contribute to the big night.

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