18th Birthday Party Ideas – Your Baby Is All Grown Up!

It seems like just yesterday your little one was toddling toward you, excited about the Elmo birthday party decorations around the house. And although planning a party for your toddler was challenging, you knew that whatever you ended up doing would be loved by everyone there.

Oh, those were the days when you could do no wrong.

And now your baby is almost all grown up, although if you ask any 18 year old they will tell you they are already an adult. They’re old enough to enlist and vote, but not yet old enough to drink. You know you want to mark this special day, but aren’t sure how to do it.

18th Birthday Party Ideas – Party or No Party?

It’s a fine line to walk; you want to have a party to celebrate the special day, but don’t want to make your child feel like, well, a child. There are lots of great ways to celebrate that will make everyone happy. Including the soon-to-be adult.

The most important thing is to check and make sure they want a party. If the party is just for you, things can go pretty wrong, pretty fast. So ask the birthday boy (or girl) if they want a party and what they envision for their celebration. Then (as mentioned here a time or two) set a budget and start planning!

18th Birthday Party Ideas – A Few Ideas to Get You Thinking…

The Dinner Party – A dinner party for the guest of honor and their friends is a very adult way to celebrate. An at home party with close friends is a fun way to mark the day without receiving any eye rolls or sighs that they “aren’t a kid anymore!” You can help create a more sophisticated atmosphere and plan a menu that will be delicious and far more grown up than chips and dip and burgers (not that there’s anything wrong with chips and dip and burgers!). Although some parents feel it’s okay to allow their kids a glass of wine or beer at home remember, it’s not just your child at the party. You are responsible for all of the attendees and some parents might not appreciate their 17 or 18 year old coming home with booze on their breath.

The Family Party – A great option for those soon to be 18 year olds who think birthday parties are for “babies”. Gathering your family together to mark this important milestone is both a compromise and a wonderful way to celebrate. It also allows for a little more wiggle room and perhaps the chance to pull out a few photos (scrapbook anyone?!) showing how beautifully the honoree has grown up.

The Amazing Birthday Race Party – A popular option for all ages! Scavenger hunts sure aren’t what they use to be…cell phones have absolutely changed the way we plan this kind of party. Each team can have one person designated to take pictures at all of the stops to avoid anyone having to lug different items around. Be sure to include stops that are important to guest of honor and leave treats along with the clues. Make the final stop either your house or a favorite restaurant to celebrate the birthday and see who won The Amazing Birthday Race.

We’re never too old (or too cool) to celebrate our birthdays. Eighteen is an important milestone so determine the best way to celebrate and get planning!

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