As we get older one of the first birthdays that really holds some importance for us as individuals is, drum roll please, number 16. For those marking this milestone, it will be the most notable and unforgettable time of their lives. For those of us that have been there, done that, we understand that reaching this pinnacle time makes us feel that we are on the road to our future. For parents, it really does seem like yesterday that their child was just a wee babe and now they’re about to embark on that path to independence. How did we get here so fast?! Before you know it they’ll be graduating college and getting married. But not so fast! Before that can happen, first on the agenda is planning that oh so important 16th birthday party.

16th Birthday Party Ideas – You Say Challenge, I Say Party!

There are definitely challenges when planning a 16th birthday party it truly can be very complicated. You have to find just the right theme, balancing the not too juvenile with the correct amount of “right on” with it. The sixteenth is probably the first of many parties that will include the mix of boys and girls, oh my. And turning sixteen really does means different things to different people. So choosing just the right theme is of utmost importance.

Who better to find out what teens are interested in than a teen? Take this perfect opportunity to sit down and have a conversation with your teenager and see what they are thinking about and what they really want for their celebration. Chances are you won’t agree, and compromise will be involved, but you will definitely be able to come up with the right choice for you and your teen.

16th Birthday Party Ideas – They’re All Sweet!

The sixteenth birthday is all about fun and enjoying yourself surrounded by a gang of your close friends. The truth is, what most teens want is a special day where they feel exactly that, special!

There are lots of 16th birthday party ideas available and here are a few to get you on the road to planning.

Slumber Party – Fun is the name of the game when choosing this birthday party theme. The sixteenth birthday is a great reason (and the perfect chance) to invite the birthday teen’s best buds over. A no holds barred (utilizing good sense) late night, all-nighters filled with fun, friends only chats, movie watching, good food eating and amusing video game playing experiences. A birthday marathon of favorites for all to revel in!

Dance Party – Who doesn’t love to dance to all the most popular and happening hits! So why not take this ideal opportunity to keep an eye out while the birthday teen and all their friends dance the night away! Create the dance party space at home, arrange for a professional disc jockey (or friend) that will spin some tunes. Depending on the budget, you can create great ambiance by adding lights, a fog machine and a disco ball. Add some delicious eats and you’re on your way to planning a party that will be a knockout with the group!

Experience Party – Instead of the “invite everyone you know” kind of party, the experience party is on the rise and becoming a very popular option in birthday party planning. And as your child ages, it becomes easier to throw a fun filled experience party. Find out if there is something out there, new or not, that your teen has always wanted to do. Consider surfing, rafting, zip lining, rock climbing, spa day and camping. This truly is the ideal opportunity to source out a fun activity that will be enjoyed by all.

House Party – This tried and true theme is always a favorite and ideal way to celebrate any birthday, especially number sixteen! There is no better way to celebrate a special birthday than a friendly, loved, big deal kind of get together. Depending on the season it can be an indoor or outdoor party (or perhaps both). By making it memorable, you can never go wrong with a house party. When throwing a home party be sure to tap into all your resources to ensure you plan a party that fits the uniqueness and personality of the birthday teen. And be sure the entire party is filled with fun and joy and every second of the party will be a true celebration for the guest of honor.

So have no fear, whatever you ultimately go with when planning that special 16th birthday party you are sure to have an awesome party. A great time will be had by all and memories will be created that will be cherished for years to come.

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