13th Birthday Party Ideas for Girls – Time to Get Started!

Some say planning a 13th birthday party for a girl is a hard task to undertake and accomplish. To that I say a rousing pish posh. Sure, your little girl is no longer a baby but she is not yet an adult. However there is no hiding the fact that she is definitely growing up, becoming her own person and on her way to adulthood. Just for a minute, think back to the good old days, we’ve all been there. Turning thirteen and planning that perfect “it’s just what I wanted” 13th birthday party for a girl is all about leaving behind your childhood and childlike stuff and planning a more grown up. But at the same time it has to be a totally fun celebration. So take that minute and just think back…

Imagine a fun and easy going scenario where your almost teen and her friends can kick back, be a grown up (in their minds anyway)and enjoy a moment in time filled with fun and laugh after laugh. Sounds like a perfect joy filled birthday celebration, that won’t soon be forgotten.

13th Birthday Party Ideas for Girls – 1, 2, 3 First Things First!

When planning birthday parties it really makes no difference who you are planning it for; yourself, your child, a spouse or a friend. And the number thirteen is no different. When planning that extra special thirteenth celebration there are a few things to remember.

Conversation – Have a conversation with the birthday girl. To ensure that not only Mom and Dad are happy, but the guest of honor is as well. It really is necessary to have that sit down and find out what she really wants for her special day. Depending on the tween, some go with a full out party, others want a planned unique activity while others opt for the day to involve going somewhere out of the ordinary. By taking the steps to finding out what she wants, (what she really, really wants) you can simply let her ideas and wishes be your planning guide.

Budget – It is imperative to come up with the big picture budget. The bottom line dollar value of the budget should encompass and cover every single item required for the successful party you want to throw. By actually coming up with a workable budget and then actually sticking to it you, you will be able to throw the party that not only you want but what your soon to be thirteen year wants. The end result will be a successful meeting of the minds without breaking the bank.

Guest List – Before getting started with the birthday party planning process, it is extremely useful to decide on the actual number of invited guests that the budget is meant to accommodate. Sometimes bigger isn’t always better and the more the merrier really aren’t that merry…well you get the picture. So even if the birthday girl is aching for a birthday party or experience of a lifetime but you don’t have the budget, have no fear. Stick to the budget, breaking the bank is never a prerequisite to throwing the most enjoyable and memorable party of the year.

So whatever 13th birthday party idea and/or direction you ultimately go with, as long as you remember to include the hopes and dreams of the birthday girl, you will end up throwing a party that will please every single invitee, most especially the guest of honor. Have that fact finding conversation and let the researching begin. You will then be on the road to finding all those unbelievable 13th birthday party ideas for girls that are right at your fingertips.

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